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Who We Are

Our History

Step into the enchanting world of Bengali literature with Kalpabiswa Publication, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity thrives. As the vanguard of Bengali science fiction, fantasy, and diverse genre fiction, we have tirelessly championed the cause of Bengal’s literary prowess on the global stage. Since our inception in 2018, fueled by the passion of a group of SFF aficionados, we have curated a rich tapestry of over 120 books in just five years.

Within the pages of our publications, you’ll discover the extraordinary narratives penned by revered Bengali luminaries such as Adrish Bardhan, Satyajit Ray, Ranen Ghosh, Debajyoti Bhattacharya, Yashodhara Raychowdhury, Enakhshi Chattopadhyay, Sumit Bardhan, Soham Guha, and many more. But our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there. We’ve embarked on a journey of literary exchange, translating the timeless works of literary giants like H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, A.C. Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Elizabeth Bear, and beyond.

Diving deeper into the realms of creativity, we proudly present Montage, an imprint dedicated to supporting non-SFF works and authors. Here, the literary landscape expands to embrace diverse narratives, as exemplified by the resounding success of Shibram Chakrabarty’s Harshabardhan anthology. Montage has swiftly become the darling of Bengali readers, a cherished platform for stories that transcend boundaries and captivate hearts.

The shelves of Kalpabiswa await, brimming with tales waiting to be told, adventures yearning to unfold. Join us on this exhilarating journey before the shelves are filled to capacity. Embrace the magic of storytelling, where every page invites you to explore new horizons and embark on unforgettable journeys.


Enjoy our titles published by Kalpabiswa and Montage publications.